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I'm a bit reluctant to get on my soapbox, but on the other hand it feels kind of good to have someth

Yes, it's mod-post time!

First of all, I just want to say happy, if slightly belated, Christmas to those of you who are Christian (or just heathen clingers-on like myself). I also want to say welcome to those new members among us, and that I'm so, so pleased to see that our humble little party is growing like it is and filling up with such great (read: funny and intelligent) people.

Secondly, if I may knock down the fourth wall for a few minutes, I notice that we've had some RPers arrive; this is great, and it'll be nice to have the our boys putting in appearances in hypothetical person. However, as the (sort of) head of this little political lovefest, I'd like to know who's behind these, um, sockpuppety type things (for reference ^_^), and I want to just remind anybody who wants to assume a character persona to please stay as in-character as possible and please also notify me of whom you're going to play so that I may keep track of who's doing whom (but not like that). Remember, above all, that we want to avoid any scandal in these delicate primary stages of the election, especially those of the heterosexual sort.

Also, a note to Alex and Heph: I'm taking on the role of Political Consultant to the Candidates; this means, for example, that if for some reason we need to make a major political decision, like a stance on abortion or something (Zeus forbid; that would lose us so many voters), that I'd like to have a say in the matter before making any statements, and so might the rest of the party. Of course, smaller, not-as-political things like bath mats for the Oval Office washrooms and what kind of cold salads to serve at the Macedonian National Convention fall under the jurisdictions of our various and sundry Official-Sounding People.

That's about it! ^_^
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I'm Kassandros. I've fessed up. Who's next?
Thank you very much for going first. I hope I didn't make this sound like anybody had to stop or anything, because I really don't mind at all; I just want to be able to keep track of what's going on. :)


December 26 2003, 14:41:37 UTC 14 years ago

I would gladly reveal my identity (I am both great_alexander and hephaistion) but I actually created these socks for theatrical_muse, and because of the purpose of that community, I would rather not make that info public. I can keep on posting here as these two identities if you wish, but I'll send you a private email divulging who I am. Otherwise, I'll just stick to using them in that other community. :)
Whatever you prefer!
I understand completely, and the secrecy is fine by me. Feel free to keep posting; it really is quite nice to have the boys around. ^_^