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Alexander the Flamethrower!

We have crap generic junk merchandise!

Yes, that's right. I finally worked out what I was doing wrong (mostly *shakes fist defiantly at CafePress*) with the images, so now we have stuff. There are t-shirts and thongs and bunnies with four different slogans. Each free shop is only allowed to have one style of each item, so if you want a different slogan on an item than what appears, tell me and I'll make one up in a different shop for you. ^_^

And I've priced all the items at the lowest I'm allowed; I'm not making a dime, so if the prices are ridiculous, don't come crying to me. ;)

Also, I have found myself utterly unable to get any sort of sticker to work for me; the designs always come out very small. I don't know why, but I'm rather miffed because bumper stickers would have been very useful. We could have gained a lot of votes by cutting people off on the interstate. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears. Er, eyes. Er, I'm all perception.

Oh, and even if you don't really want to buy anything, I've provided snarky commentary on each item to keep those of us who are too poor for this sort of thing amused.
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Yes yes yes!

*imagines self strolling around Dublin, advertising The Macedonian Party of the United States across bosom*

Love it.

I've provided snarky commentary on each item to keep those of us who are too poor for this sort of thing amused.

I hear ya.

Merchandising is the next step forward for the campaign. Subtle saturation coverage by way of tight t-shirt wearing and bibs on babies.

I quite desperately want an "India" raglan shirt. :-)
Godsdammit, why am I broke?

(psst: I think you just need higher-resolution images for the stickers.)
That might be it. I tried saving it as both a JPEG and a PDF file, which are the only two accepted, but neither seemed to want to work.
I would totally go for an "India" regular t-shirt.

*eyes raglan*

*eyes roommate's credit card*

I can SOOO buy stuff!

And I am.

Republicans... you now know fear, for there is no wrath like that of a slighted ATG fan >D
eck! One more thing, I shall DEFINATELY buy next month if not this one...
my budget is dying... *tries to revive it*


I love the merchandise.

My friend was wondering, since there's a India/Hail hoodie if there was also an ideal/straight hoodie...
There is now!

Ironically enough, if I find enough money to buy a hoodie, I'm probably going to combine the two for an Ideals/Greek one. ^^;
*eyes wistfully*

*remembers her recently deposited paycheck and brightens*

*wonders, like the ingrate she is, if there might be an "India" tanktop or camisole available?*

*will honestly buy one, you know*
This is incredibly not urgent, because I won't be able to do anything before June, I think, but if it would be possible to get a regular white Ideals T-shirt, that would be awesome...