Bithy (bithysith) wrote in macedonianparty,

Fandom Escapist Elections

We must submit a ballot and badge for Alexander & Hephaestion for the Fandom Escapist Elections. :D

I think we have a serious chance to win... *grin*
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well, yes. i've entered us as runners, but badge! need badge! who here is good at making graphics?
Hm, as the High Person of Pretending to Do Important Stuff but Really Does Nothing...or something like that, I do believe we have a good chance to win! (but I'm a little worried about Clark/Luther.)

Oh, and about the convertible limo, I came up with an idea, a convertible hot tub limo! Actually, I think someone's come up with it already, but since I have the memory of a hamster on crack, I don't remember.

Convertible hot tub limo... yum.

My god!
Of course we need a badge!

Our boys can decimate the field, no problem whatsoever, but they Must Look Pretty.
It is the central tenet of the campaign, non?

Rally to the cause, people!
I'm throwing my hat in the ring:

That's perfect. ^____~


Do you guys want me to submit this? :)