Nobody (niarchos) wrote in macedonianparty,

Always room for learning something new...

Wow, what a world it would be if Alexander the Great hadn't died of a broken heart (or typoid as some unenlightened anal-historophobes would like you say). The beautiful architecture, free-exploration of knowledge, un-taboo sex and really hot Greeks in skirts. I have to admit to my fellow enlightened, who I'm sure are just as willing note that to admit ignorance is simply a quest to better yourself, that I've never heard of the Mel Gibson Mini Series, Mary Renault or the Iron Maden song. BUT I CAN'T WAIT TO CHECK THEM OUT! I'm also kind of excited to check out the new Mel Gibson Jesus movie (even though it's about a religion that forever banished Alexander's ideals for a new world of culture and grace). I'm not a freak or some mental 'tard who lives in a delusional fantasy land (ok, maybe just a little) but ancient Greece/Macedonia, or whatever you want to call it, and Alexander was the last true civilization and the last true leader the world's ever seen and as far as I'm concerned the ideals therein are still very much alive somewhere below the surface of the mess we've created. Bush, Kerry, Kusinich...bring it on, this is the age of Aquarius and we're tired of being forced to live behind a wall of false idols and blind ignorance. Alexander and Hephaestion will forever govern the laws for my life.
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