Earis the Istarwen (earis) wrote in macedonianparty,
Earis the Istarwen

Icon Ideas

Okay, so i can't make icons, but I know that there are some of you out there who can. So here are some icon bunnies, if you so desire to soend your time productively. (Hush, it is productive)

- Just a picture of our candidate, Alexander himself, with the text from Eddie Izzard, "I'm 32, I'm gay, and I'm on a role. Let's go!"

- Idea first proposed by the lovely rushthatspeaks, Have a picture of Dubya with the text "Skimmed Aristotle at Yale", than have a picture of A the G with text "Learned from Aristotle"

- Have a picture of A the G from the anime 'Reign' with our candidate pictured pantless and have the text "My fandom has no pants, my fandom needs no pants". Feel free to put the words "candidate" or "president" instead of fandom.

That's all. At some point I'm going to pull up a cast list of our candidate and everyone who has been helping, voluntary or not.
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