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Xairete everybody!

I just joined, so I'd like to introduce myself, although I have absolutely no idea how I ended up here (although I think it involved these brilliant campaign icons). I found this community about half a year ago and then lost the bookmark.

Anyway, about myself: As my name may or may not tell you, (depending on your familiarity with a book called "Le voyage de Théo"), I was once a greek goddess of wisdom and war. Unfortunately, during a fallout with my mother-in-law (who is not too fond of dad's escapades), I was turned into a penguin, and have since taken up residence in north-Germany due to climate issues. This metamorphose has unfortunately also affected my powers and my (now non-existing) wit, so pardon occasional (well, not-so-occasional, as witnessed above) stupidity.

Is there a place for a campaign-supporting goddess left?
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