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Take heed! To all the members of the Macedonian Party, I would like it to be know that, contrary to the depiction of myself in the Japanese anime known as "Reign", I am NOT, and never have been, a GIRL.

Peter Chung and his crones would have it that I am a female warrior named 'Cassandra', but this is LIES, all LIES. I am entirely male. Alexander and Hephaistion have seen me bathe on numerous occassions, they can vouch for the truth of that.

I repeat: I AM NOT A GIRL. And I could beat Kleitus black-and-blue any day of the week, without having to cheat. So there. Hmmmph.
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I believe you, Kassandros. *Wicked Grin: shimmies* ;)
I think at some point during this coming election year we're going to have to make one vast, sweeping press statement that our candidates are NOT GIRLS, and that our staff is made up of very effeminate eunuchs.

Also, these are not breasts.
I'm sorry for their stupidity, Kassandros, but I believe you without question. *flutters lashes*
I feel your pain, Kassandros. Just because we have long, luxurious, flowing locks and full, sumptuous lips does not make us female.
*grabs hephaistion*

Um... party meeting. Back in... an hour or so...
Beat Kleitus the Black black and blue? :D

uh-huh... *shuffles off*